"Quality is our Tradition" the original mantra of Narasu's.

Quality & service is the strength and reason for which the company is sustaining more than 92 years.

Narasu's mainly concentrates on the quality of the products from raw material till the finished products which reaches to the consumers.

In each and every stage of process the quality is checked cautiously with the equipped and trained personnels regularly. Only natural raw materials are used in making both filter and instant coffee. No artificial flavours or colouring is added in any stage of process and production.

Narasu's can proudly say that we use only natural raw materials for all our productions. And we will not be any others artificial flavours added in any stage of our process and production.

Narasu's has achieved ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000:2005 certification in the Year 2009 for its quality of products and we also obtained the license from FSSAI in the year 2012.

At Narasu's we keep perfecting the art of science of coffee manufacturing by constant research, care, dedication and adapting to latest technologies and strategies.

Our passion for excellence has been uncompromisingly continuing for over 9 decades which has been given birth to the development of finest quality coffee.

Any Company's reputation must stand on its quality. To maintain quality at every step of manufacture, we adhere to stringent quality control measure.

The well qualified cup tasters do the critical analysis of every sample and every batch of production, day in and day out, to guarantee consistent quality.

Our company originally was "Narasu's Manufacturing Company pvt ltd" which came into existence in the year 1926, which was purchased by the firm "Narasus coffee company" in the year 1966 and later was converted into the company in the name of "Sri Narasu's Coffee company private ltd" in the year 2009, where in the present directors of the company's are Mr.P.Sivanantham[Chairman] & S.Srudheep[Managing Director]