Instant Coffee

Pure Instant

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Rs. 550gms Pkt/Jar100gms Jar
100% Pure Coffee

Insta Strong

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Rs. 2Rs. 5Rs. 1050gms Pkt/Jar100gms Jar
70% Coffee : 30% Chicory

Extra Strong

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200gms 1KG (200gms*5)
60% Coffee : 40% Chicory

Our company originally was "Narasu's Manufacturing Company pvt ltd" which came into existence in the year 1926, which was purchased by the firm "Narasus coffee company" in the year 1966 and later was converted into the company in the name of "Sri Narasu's Coffee company private ltd" in the year 2009, where in the present directors of the company's are Mr.P.Sivanantham[Chairman] & S.Srudheep[Managing Director]