" Our Infrastructure determines Our Purity of Success. "

The manufacturing units and office is situated at Salem which comprises of two major units and many subsidiary units, one major unit which is situated in 16, court road, Johnson pet, Salem 636007, Where we produce Roasted & Ground Coffee, Tea, Masala and processed products. Second major unit which is situated at D.perumapalayam, vedapatti village, veeranam , salem , where we manufacture Pure and Chicory blended instant coffee. In both the units we have good working environment, flow of products and safety measures are well looked into along with good packing facilities.

The Factory's manufacturing unit is situated in s prime location in the district of Salem.

The company has 65 outlets in the state of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The main concept is to provide freshly ground coffee to its quality conscious customers and it also has an emerging and market in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Their products are also being exported to countries like UAE, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, etc.

It is also important to note that at Narasu's we keep perfecting the art and science of coffee manufacturing by constantly adapting to latest technologies. They are also equipped with the latest top notch machinery for production as well as an amazing laboratory with best equipments for analysis and research.

Our company originally was "Narasu's Manufacturing Company pvt ltd" which came into existence in the year 1926, which was purchased by the firm "Narasus coffee company" in the year 1966 and later was converted into the company in the name of "Sri Narasu's Coffee company private ltd" in the year 2009, where in the present directors of the company's are Mr.P.Sivanantham[Chairman] & S.Srudheep[Managing Director]