Directors of Narasu's

P. Sivanantham, Chairman
" Deeper Roots make Strong trees "

P. Sivanantham, the chairman is a self-made man. For over 10 years he is deeply committed to the coffee industry, with unparalleled insight into plantation, manufacturing and trade. His tireless effort is responsible for the dynamic growth and progress of the company.

Today Narasu's is one of the India's best coffee companies and its quality and taste is bean talked about globally because we consider Only the Quality, hard work, truth, integrity, perseverance, service and self-confidence are having as his huge investment. Siva, as he is affectionately known, with 30 years of hard work and experience behind him has also contributed considerably to the success of the enterprise. He has been in the industry from the year 1987 and he dedicated his time entirely and he applied his theoretical and practical experiences for development of the business.

S. Srudheep, Managing Director
" Innovation is the only way to reach our target in this competition world "

From the Year 2012, Mr.S.Srudheep son of Mr.P.Sivanantham joined in Narasu's as Managing Director an young age of 23, after vigorous training under his illustrious father graduated in the coffee business, now oversees the day-to-day affairs of the company. He is working hard with patience & passion towards business to become worldwide and keep the goodwill & prosperous growth of the firm. By implementing different types of strategies and he applied his practical knowledge in the manufacturing, processing, Marketing field for the business growth.

Both of them are avid followers of ideal corporate governance with a keen eye for details ensuring ultimate satisfaction to the consumer.

Our company originally was "Narasu's Manufacturing Company pvt ltd" which came into existence in the year 1926, which was purchased by the firm "Narasus coffee company" in the year 1966 and later was converted into the company in the name of "Sri Narasu's Coffee company private ltd" in the year 2009, where in the present directors of the company's are Mr.P.Sivanantham[Chairman] & S.Srudheep[Managing Director]